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1.Thinking outside the box: encouraging understanding beyond the syllabus
We entrench our curriculum firmly within a wider, topical context helping students to look at the same matter in a radically new and different light.

2. Bringing it closer: giving academic subjects a real-world context
We find fresh ways of introducing a learning objective by providing a larger scenario. It is remarkably helpful in reigniting interest even in a difficult topic.

3. Birds of a feather: supporting collaboration and group learning
Our classrooms open many doors for group activity: seminars; classroom debates or discussions; practical-based work; and joint projects.

4. Making it work: including resources not commonly utilized
Our classrooms have several teaching resources which are used in ways that aren’t limiting but make a child use them imaginatively according to his own interest.

The hands-on approach: the upside of a strong practical foundation
The backbone of our school is practical learning with a strong kinesthetic component, and it’s what sets strong education apart from any other approach.

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